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Empower your technology with tailored services aimed at driving business objectives, enhancing team efficiency, and safeguarding your company’s data.


IT Supplies

We are officially affiliated with popular brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer, to name a few.
We also deliver and install.

Repair Center

Our repair center is equipped with the right tools and skilled technicians to handle most machine repairs.
Our quality is guaranteed.


Companies looking to do a technology refreshing can make use of our services to remove old IT equipment. We also issue disposal certificates.

Out of storage?

From lightning-fast SSDs and capacious HDDs to versatile SD cards, we have everything you need to expand your storage horizons. Embrace a world where memories know no bounds – shop now and bid farewell to storage constraints

E-Waste Solutions

Discover a sustainable solution for the disposal of old IT equipment with Diaspo Networks. As a professional service firm established in 2008, Diaspo Networks specializes in the secure and environmentally sound disposal of obsolete Information Technology (IT) and electronic equipment.

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